Weekend Roundup - 9/24/16

It was another busy weekend for Longhorn Racing as members of the team juggled a variety of different tasks, one of the most important being new recruit training!

The new recruits were given more opportunities to get their hands on a project.  In the morning, another round of machine shop certifications took place.  After a break for lunch, they were then brought down to the garage and shown the 2015 and 2016 cars - specifically, the shifter/clutch handle assembly.  From there, they headed into the computer lab upstairs and split into eight groups who competed to create the best new design for the assembly.  Thanks to this process, they're able to get a feel for many of the things that Longhorn Racing does, both in the realm of designing and manufacturing, and also have a chance to offer a tangible design that could be implemented on the car.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team was still hard at work in the garage.  For the engine team, that meant working on a more efficient wiring harness.  Much of the day was dedicated to using the time-consuming concentric twisting method to gather all of the wires together neatly while also preserving the flexibility of the wire.

The chassis subteam has also been pushing to get the basis of the car completed.  This weekend, the goal was to weld the front roll hoops and sort out all of the components on the front half of the car.  In addition to working on the new car, the subteam also welded differential tabs to the 2015 frame.

Finally, more work has been done on the 2016 car as the team prepares to take it to the autocross event at UT Arlington on October 1st.  The aerodynamics subteam fixed the front wing mounts that had been causing some difficulties.  In addition, they were working on mold preparation for a test piece for a new carbon fiber curing process that they're looking to implement as a way to improve the 2017 model.

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