Weekend Roundup 09/10/16

As the 2016 school year settles into a familiar rhythm, so has the Longhorn Racing team.  While design work started within a few weeks of competition at Lincoln, the official Saturday workdays are now back on the calendar!

Due to the start of the new year, plenty of new members have been joining the team in anticipation of gaining insight into how to apply themselves to an engineering project outside of the classroom.  This Saturday saw shop certifications taking place in the morning for those who had signed up while many others joined Longhorn Racing in the garage to express their interest in a subteam and to offer a helping hand where they could.

Thankfully, there was plenty for them to do, especially regarding maintenance and repair of the 2016 car.  During a recent autocross event, the engine was punctured by a chain that derailed from the sprocket.  The hole was welded back together with aluminum, but it also became an opportunity to remove the engine from the car to clean it.  Similar steps were being taken with the frame.  Cracks have been identified in it, but the first step was to start cleaning it in order to find and repair them.

In addition, the aerodynamics subteam was engaged in stabilizing the front wing for the 2016 car.  Where they once had steel plates to hold the bottom mounts of the front wing, they have decided to experiment with carbon fiber plates in hope that it will enhance the rigidity of the wing and provide a model that we can use for the 2017 car.  

Finally, many of the new recruits were engaged in learning more about their areas of interest.  For some, this included working on the wiring of the 2015 car or researching the implementation of a Drag Reduction System for the future car.

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