Weekend Roundup

With the frame freshly powder-coated and back in the garage, things have been busy for Longhorn Racing as the team works to get the car completed before unveiling.  The goal of the weekend was to get the car sprung and rolling.  On top of that, they were busy with the final few details such as adding suspension tabs and finalizing the seat position in the car.

Plenty of people were employed in various tasks throughout the garage to help prepare the last parts needed to start finishing off the car.  Members of the team sanded the A-arms before putting them on the car, pressed together the bell cranks, and manufactured A-arm cylinders and cone spacers.

The aerodynamics subteam has been especially busy this weekend as they work to finish their components of the car to have the car ready to be wrapped.  This included nose cone prep, priming, and layups as well as sidepod layups.  Additionally, they also prepared all of the components they'd need for both the front and rear wings and began assembly. Lastly, all components were sanded and clear-coated to give a nice finish to the aero components.

It was another long weekend for the engine subteam as well.  The old dyno that had been giving them grief needed to be replaced, and they were forced to do so last week.  On Saturday, they were in the process of setting it up so that they can continue tuning the engine.
The team has made significant progress over the weekend, and we're looking forward to completing the assembly of the car in the coming week!