Weekend Roundup

With the 2016 frame being sent off on Monday to be powder coated, the main focus of the weekend was bringing the frame to completion.  Many of the mounts and tubes were prepped so the bulk of the work was getting proper fitment and welding all of it onto the frame. 

On Saturday, the chassis team worked to get the proper seat and pedal assembly placement. To do this, they placed the seat temporarily into the car and found the best position for the pedal assembly after fitting our tallest and shortest drivers into the car.  

After their progress last weekend, the engine team hit another bump in the road.  After running the engine for a few hours tuning the engine, the engine dynamometer stopped functioning. This meant that the engine team would yet again need to change the set up of the dyno room to start tuning again. A major overhaul of the engine tuning station was worked on over the weekend to get back to tuning the engine again. 

The aerodynamics team, though, has been continuing to make significant progress on their components for the 2016 car.  The molds for the side pods and the nose cone were coated with Bondo, and the components of the rear and front wings have started to take shape and were sanded to perfection over the course of the weekend.

Finally, many different components have been manufactured over the weekend.  Measurements were taken for the dashboard of the 2016 car in order to complete designs.  Bell crank plates were CNC’d and a spare set of stub shafts for the 2015 car was manufactured as well.  Each item has brought the team another step closer to completing the 2016 car for both competition and unveiling!