Weekend Roundup

With deadlines approaching, Longhorn Racing has been clocking long hours to bring the car to completion.  The morning was graced with the sounds of engine revving with the recently-completed exhaust that will be implemented on the competition car. However, an intake leak set them back and cost them a few precious hours as they made the repairs.  Once done, though, they were able to begin the process of tuning it using the advice they received from a timely presentation by Adam Pate at Cummins the evening before.

The chassis subteam saw significant process as well.  The 2016 frame is near completion - so much so that they were able to take it off the jig to start the full welding process! Now, they’re adding the last mounting points to complete the frame in time to send it out to be powder coated. 

On the aerodynamics side of things, the team has continued working on layups and prep work.  Three of the wing layups were finished last week, and this Saturday they were tackling numbers four and five.  They were also able to reach a significant milestone with the nosecone mold, as they completed all the CNC foam parts over the weekend. With all the foam pieces done, the aerodynamics subteam worked hard to start the mold prep for the nosecone mold.

Finally, many of the other pieces of the 2016 car have been coming together.  The ergonomics subteam has been working on the pedal assembly setup.  Additionally, the machine shop was active, with four new front bell crank plates being CNC’d and many other parts being manual machined.  With so much work being completed, this allowed for an opportunity to start the fuel tank mockup and sort out a design that will provide for the best packaging and vehicle dynamics.

The 2015 car, too, has been undergoing progress.  With the 2016 frame off the jig, the 2015 frame was placed there to allow for some chassis work to be done, such as the pillow block tabs being welded into place.  The wiring harness for the 2015 car has been making significant progress as well, and it looks like it will be ready to run in the near future. 

Overall, the car is coming together, and we’re excited to share it with the world at our unveiling banquet!  Join us on May 6 in the San Jacinto Residence Hall multi-purpose room as we reveal our final product.  More information can be found on our RSVP form and on our Facebook event page.  Be sure to share it with your family and friends, and we can’t wait to see you there!