Weekend Roundup

Longhorn Racing was back in the garage bright and early on Saturday morning for our first official workday after Spring Break!  The progress made during the time off made it easy to get the ball rolling right out of the gate.

One of the main goals of the weekend was to have the 2015 car back up and running.  A big factor in being able to do so was finishing the wiring harness.  The maintenance team worked with guidance from the engine sub-team to get started on wiring the 2015 car back up. Additionally, the chassis team helped out to get some more tubes into the rear box to get retrofit the 2016 drivetrain on the 2015 car. 

The 2016 car saw significant progress as well.  Having tuned the engine for idle over Spring Break, the engine team was able to focus their attention on finishing the new exhaust and tacking that into place.  The radiator mounts were also well underway.

With plenty to do, the aerodynamics subteam enlisted as many free hands as possible this weekend and made some significant steps forward.  They were able to layup a 2016 and 2015 sidepod and was able to complete the mold prep on the rest of the sidepod molds. In addition, the final pieces of the nose cone molds were being CNC-ed this weekend.

Suspension sub-team was able to fix 3 out of the 4 pillow blocks that were manufactured incorrectly. Now the 2015 pillow blocks are ready to be mounted, and the 2016 pillow blocks are not far behind. 

Finally, the chassis sub team set to work finding the perfect position for the seat in the car. After they found the seating position, the rest of the weekend for the chassis team was spent with engine sub team working on figuring out the perfect solution of the exhaust and muffler placement. 

As the 2016 car comes together, it’s time to start thinking about another important event: unveiling!  On May 6, Longhorn Racing is set to showcase our brand new car at a banquet dinner in the San Jacinto Residence Hall multi-purpose room.  More information can be found on our RSVP form, and don’t forget to share the Facebook event with your family and friends!