SX Create

This spring break, UT Austin's Formula SAE Team (Longhorn Racing) and Solar Vehicle team (UT SVT) had a unique opportunity to share their student-designed and student-built vehicles at the SX Create event at SXSW!

SX Create was hosted at the Palmer Events Center from March 11-13th during the first weekend of UT Austin's spring break. This special event was the hardware hacking and maker arm of SXSW, featuring plenty of exciting hands-on activities for people of all ages to enjoy. As a part of the SXSW Interactive Festival, SX Create is designed to showcase creative, revolutionary technology, which is exactly the kind of passion that drives the design teams at UT Austin's Cockerell School of Engineering. These teams are composed entirely of dedicated students who utilize both traditional manufacturing methods as well as new rapid-prototyping technologies to design, build, and compete with their very own race cars.

Longhorn Racing showcased the car that they competed with in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2015, and UT SVT presented their TexSun car for SXSW attendees to investigate. Curious visitors were invited to sit in the car, explore the technology firsthand, and ask questions to find out more about both organizations, such as what it would be like to join UT SVT or Longhorn Racing, the experiences students have had with engineering through these organizations, and the hands-on learning that they've gained at UT Austin, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The showcase at SX Create was aimed to excite the next generation of students about the rich and exhilarating possibilities that the STEM fields hold, and we hope that UT Austin's design teams' contributions to such an important cause will resonate with the receptive boys and girls who spent time talking with the team and inspire them to seek a STEM career in the future!

For more information on UT Austin's Design teams, check out:
Longhorn Racing's websiteFacebook page, or Twitter
UT Solar Vehicle Team's websiteFacebook page, or Twitter