Weekend Roundup 02/06/16

This Saturday started out on a high note, as anyone walking into the garage was greeted with the sight of the completed frame and the start of the steering column placed inside.  Much of the activity of the weekend involved working with this to further flesh out the car.

Part of this involved finding a position to securely mount the engine in a way to meet all of the Formula SAE requirements while still ensuring that the seat will be comfortable for the drivers.  This is an important step; once the engine in secured, the rest of the car can truly start to come together.  Meanwhile, the engine team was also busy rewiring the engine in an effort to get it done to start tuning very soon. 

Even after last week’s busy weekend in the machine shop, there was still more to be done regarding the bellcranks, steering rack and pedal assembly.  Several people were working at manufacturing spacers that will be used on the steering rack, which is the next component of the car that will be placed in the car.  Additionally, several members were on the mills smoothing out the pedal rail.  Since we have several drivers using the same car and a fixed seat position, the rail allows the entire pedal assembly to move to a position most comfortable for whoever is behind the wheel.  Therefore, it’s important that there’s a smooth travel and that the assembly fits perfectly into the rail.

Finally, the aerodynamics team made some great progress over the weekend.  In the machine shop, the curved endplates for the front wings were being water jetted using steel, and in the garage, several people were preparing the bottoms seat mold and the side pod mold as well as starting wing layups.  It’s only a matter of time now before Longhorn Racing has a competition-ready car!