Weekend Roundup 2/13/16

For Longhorn Racing, building a racer is a labor of love, so it’s only fitting that the team spent the Valentine’s Day weekend getting our hands dirty in the garage!

With all the main structural members in place, frame team was busy this weekend adding bottom bracing mounting members. In addition, the front bell crank tabs and half of the rear bell crank tabs were jigged up and tacked in. A-arms were also being welded together and it looks like it won’t be long before the car is sprung!

As for the engine sub-team, the intake was painted and put together, ready to be assembled on the engine. A new exhaust design is now in place and is being built to fit the engine by the end of next week.

The aero team has been incredibly busy making significant steps forward each weekend.  First, they’ve been continuing their work on preparing the sidepod molds.  They’ve also finished the layup on second half of the seat. Additionally, aero team has started the test pieces for the nose cone molds using the CNC machines and finally, they put the finishing touches on the end plates.  Before long, they’ll be able to start thinking about being airborne.

And finally, the ergonomics team is getting started on assembling their components of the car.  With machine shop certifications taking place in the morning, they were unable to finish all of the machining that they needed to do such as cutting the tubes they needed to use, but that didn’t stop them from finishing up the steering rack.

Longhorn Racing is going really strong into this manufacturing season! With students coming in during the week and bright and early on weekends, it won’t be long before the car is up and running. We’ll be coming back next week with more updates! In the mean time, be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook for more updates about the team.