Weekend Roundup - 1/30/16

As the focus of this semester is manufacturing, the machine shop was a bustling center of activity this weekend, with most of the team engaged in building components for the 2016 car.  The two big areas of focus of this weekend were suspension and ergonomics.  

Teams of students in the machine shop were producing parts for the pedal assembly for the ergonomics sub-team. Students were cranking out pedal rail plugs and master cylinder mounts using the manual machines. The team also utilized other techniques of machining, such as the water jet, to create parts for the pedal assembly. The base plate to which the pedal assembly will be mounted was the first part of the weekend to be water jetted.  

Throughout the week the suspension sub-team has been manufacturing a-arms and bell cranks. The last bell cranks were manufactured using the CNC and the uprights have also been started on the CNCs. All of the front A-arms are nearly complete and the rear A-arms are nearing completion too. 

In the garage, several components were being assembled.  One of these was the wiring harness, a project tackled by the engine team.  A big focus is making the wiring system cleaner and therefore more efficient than last year. The engine team is working hard to get the new wiring harness completed so they can start tuning using a custom map on the ECU that will be installed into the 2016 car.

The aerodynamics sub-team was in action this week too. The side pod foam molds designed last weekend were assembled, wing profiles were laser cut out of wood, the bottom seat mold was being prepped, and the end plates were precision cut using the water jet. 

And, finally, the finishing touches were put on the design for the 2016 car this weekend.  This means that the focus of the team will completely shift to the manufacturing and assembly process as we move forward into February.