Weekend Roundup 11/05/16

This workday marked another productive weekend for Longhorn Racing.  With much of the basic frame completed last weekend, the chassis subteam entered the day optimistic that they would be able to add the last four tubes before starting on other structural elements and tabs.  Unfortunately, they ran into an obstacle when they realized that the back end of the frame was uneven and needed to be straightened out.  After analyzing the situation, it was discovered that the pickup point had been put in upside down.  Thankfully, it was an easy fix to make.

Various different subteams were utilizing the machine shop to get started on the manufacturing process.  The suspension subteam was one such team.  The process for making the A-arms for the 2017 car began this weekend.  In addition, several people were employed making various elements of the bell cranks.  Alongside them, the maintenance subteam made use of the plasma cutter to make the plates onto which the magnets for Hall effect sensors will be mounted.

In addition, the engine subteam has seen progress.  The engine intake was been printed, and sanded down in order to smooth out its surface.

Finally, the aero team continued utilizing the process for making end plates that they started last weekend.  Overall, it will take about twice as long to accomplish the end plates than in previous years, as each end plate requires two carbon fiber components be sandwiched together.  However, the time investment will pay off, as the end plates will be much more structurally sound than they were on the 2016 car, which was an area deemed for improvement.

This Weekend in Motorsport

The World Endurance Championship's penultimate round in Shanghai this weekend saw yet another win by the LMP1 Porsche #1 car driven by Mark Webber, Brendan Hartley, and Timo Bernhard.  Leading the race from pole position and finishing a minute ahead of the competition, their victory ensured that Porsche brought home the manufacturers title.  However, the drivers' title is still in contention heading into the final round; reliability issues within the Audi team has written them off as contenders, but second- and third-place finishes for both Toyota cars has given the #6 Toyota of Kamui Kobayashi, Mike Conway, and Stephane Sarrazin an outside shot at the championship leading into Bahrain.