Weekend Roundup - 11/19/16

This weekend, Longhorn Racing got right down to work knowing that Thanksgiving break is coming up and there won't be an official workday on Saturday.  The engine team was working on the wiring harness once again, putting the finishing touches on organizing the wires.  Then, they laid out the harness in the frame to make sure everything would fit in place.  In addition, they've started mocking up the swirl pot design.

While the machine shop was occupied with certifications in the morning, the afternoon saw several team members back at work.  Taking advantage of the CNC machines saw a significant development in the completion of 3 of the 4 bell cranks that were prepped last weekend.

Finally, the maintenance and aero subteams were hard at work in the garage.  After an issue with the re-welding of the engine mounts in the 2015 car, the maintenance team was able to fit the engine back into the frame.  The aero team continued work on the rear wing, this weekend focusing on removing the foam from the carbon fiber mold, taking care not to damage any of the carbon fiber.

The team was also lucky enough to stop for a moment and take a longer Thanksgiving-style lunch break.  One of our engine leads, Ron, took the time to prepare a feast for everyone, including three deep fried turkeys, ten pies, and enough side dishes to feed a small army.  The whole team is incredibly thankful to him and his dedication, and it was a great way to celebrate what has been a successful first semester so far!

This Weekend in Motorsports

Bahrain hosted the finale of the 2016 World Endurance Championship season and subsequently the final season for the Audi Sport Team Joest team as well as veteran Mark Webber.  The season could not have ended on a more picture perfect note.  Both Audi cars secured the top two places on the podium with the #8 Audi of Loic Duval, Lucas di Grassi, and Oliver Jarvis claiming the win.  The Porsche team secured the manufacturer's championship, allowing Mark Webber to celebrate his final race on the podium as well.