Weekend Roundup - 10/01/16

This weekend, Longhorn Racing was pleased to be invited to UT Arlington's 2nd annual fall autocross event.  A few members of the team packed up the 2016 car and made the drive to Arlington with enough time for a track walk before the 9am drivers' meeting.

On-track action started at around 10, and we made sure that we were one of the first of the seven teams to get running.  It wasn't an easy start; while unloading the trailer, we found that some fluid had spilled during travel and had coated our tires.  That, combined with cooler track conditions, made for a slippery first run by Deepak.  Thankfully, as the day - and our tires - warmed up, we were able to find more grip.

The team faced a few more challenges along the way, especially in the morning.  There was a difficulty starting the engine without jumping it, and keeping it from stalling proved a tough task, but the team persevered, and the issue was nearly non-existent by the time the lunch break ended. 

After lunch, the track layout changed.  It was considerably longer and involved a series of more complicated turns.  However, all of our drivers who tried out the new circuit loved it; everyone finished their run with a huge smile on their face, eager to get back out there and try it again.

The team was able to run until 3:30 in the afternoon, when we discovered that our tires were nearly worn through.  With no spares in the trailer, we decided to pack up and call it a day.

Overall, we ran over 40 laps split between five different drivers and were able to end the day by choice, not due to a significant mechanical issue with the car.  It was a hugely successful event for the whole team and provided a great opportunity for our drivers to get more experience behind the wheel, see how the car is running in order to find ways to improve it, and chat with other teams about their progress.