Weekend Roundup 10/29/16

This weekend, Longhorn Racing was back in the garage for another productive workday.  One of the areas with the most significant development has been the frame.  The members of the subteam intend to have the main structural elements completed by November 1, at which point they will be able to turn their attention to adding mounts for the pedal assembly, engine, and more.  Last year, this process continued well into the second semester, and it has been a huge success to be so far along at this stage in the year.

The aero team was experimenting with a new manufacturing method for some of their composite components this weekend as they worked on the end plates for the wings. This involved adding a sandwich material in the middle of the layers of carbon. Any new technique requires trial and error before it's perfected, and although the team's initial experiment did not go entirely to plan, they were able to resolve the issue and proceed more smoothly on the next attempt.

Things were moving forward in the machine shop as well.  Several people were assigned to the task of making press fit bearings, as sixteen of them are needed for the car.  Additionally, one team member was assigned to machine another shifter for the car.

Finally, maintenance on the 2015 car has been underway.  This weekend, the subteam continued working on creating a data acquisition system.  In this case, it involved adding the shock potentiometer mounts to measure the displacement of the shocks.

This Weekend in Motorsports

The biggest talking point in motorsports this weekend has been the Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix taking place at the Autódromo Hermano Rodríguez.  While a Mercedes 1-2 with polesitter Lewis Hamilton leading from the start means the gap in championship points between him and teammate Nico Rosberg has been cut down to 16 points, it was the battle for third that has sparked the most drama.  Red Bull's Max Verstappen locked up his brakes when defending from Sebastian Vettel on lap 68; after running wide, he held his position and was later given a five second time penalty.  Vettel took his place on the podium - only to be penalized himself for moving under braking while defending from Daniel Ricciardo earlier in the race.  While Ricciardo did not celebrate the third place on podium, he is the one taking home the trophy while the now-fifth-placed Vettel has been given two points on his license for potentially dangerous conduct.