Weekend Roundup - 10/15/16

After several weeks of gaining a basis of knowledge to implement in the garage, the new Longhorn Racing recruits joined the rest of the team in the garage for the first time this weekend.  They were split up based on their interest in subteams and spent most of the day shadowing their lead.  For many subteams, this meant spending a few hours giving instruction on the various components of that team as well as what their future projects would entail; after that, many were delegated tasks that they set to work to complete.

Educating new recruits didn't make for a slow workday, though; all of the subteams were able to balance that with productivity to make significant steps forward on the 2016 car.  One area of significant progress has been the chassis.  The main members of the front end of the frame was welded together over the weekend, which meant it was possible to move on to the mid-section of the car, the area from the front roll hoop to the main roll hoop.  The members of the team are optimistic that the mid-section should be simpler to complete, since the tubes for that portion were all laser cut and will not require members to tweak the lengths, as was the case for the front roll hoop.

Meanwhile, the engine team continued work on the wiring harness.  With most of the actual wiring harness itself complete, this weekend saw the team making the last few touches.  This included both heat shrinking the wires together as well as creating a box to hold the wire distribution in order to maintain organization. Engine team also worked to get the engine dynamometer back to working order so that they can start calibrating sensors and model the engine in its stock set-up. 

During the week, the aero team made the negative mold for the seat with fiberglass.  Therefore, they spent their Saturday preparing the mold and then completing a carbon fiber layup.

Finally, the maintenance subteam recruited several of the new members to continue work on the 2015 car.  This weekend involved taking the measurements of various components of the car to build brackets for sensors to install a data acquisition system.  The plan is to install wheel speed sensors, potentiometers, and accelerometers in order to obtain crucial information that can better guide the design and building of future cars.