Weekend Roundup 10/08/16

This weekend saw Longhorn Racing back in the garage as many of the subteams continued work that had been started during the past few weeks.

Part of the engine team was once again working on crafting a more efficient wiring harness.  Having started it two weeks ago, much of it has already been completed, meaning that this weekend allowed the team to focus on the wiring for all of the electronic components on the dashboard.  The rest of the engine team recruited several helpers from across various subteams to remove the engine from the 2015 car and hook it up to the dyno.

In addition, the chassis subteam has been tirelessly working on putting the frame together.  This weekend involved cutting tubes for the frame and continuing to weld the front half of the frame.  As that was taking place, other members of the team were looking toward the suspension.  Several people were in the machine shop manufacturing bearing holders for the suspension points, a task that kept them busy with 24 bearing holders to complete.

The aero team, too, had been hard at work.  This weekend, they were doing prep work on the seat in order to create a negative female mold.  They hope to use this to lay up carbon next week.

Finally, it was another busy weekend for the new recruits.  A design had been chosen and modified from their competition to create the most effective shifter/clutch handle assembly, and they were ready to move onto the next step.  This meant actually working in the machine shop to build it themselves, thereby honing their machining skills while also getting a feeling for the entire process of creating a part for the car in order to prepare them for future work on the team.