Weekend Roundup - 01/23/16

Longhorn Racing is back!  After several long weeks of winter break, the team reunited for their first official work day since early December.  

This Saturday saw the team really channeling their efforts into the new 2016 car. Much of the frame had been completed over the break and almost completely resembles the design proposed by the team.  A few more finishing touches are needed to fill in the details and ensure that we’ll have a frame sturdy enough to take to competition, but it won’t be much longer before we can start assembling the rest of the car around it.

The engine sub team has been tuning the in-house engine dyno over the break and is now in a good position to start fine-tuning the engine. Currently, they're starting to focus on manufacturing our custom exhaust and intake manifolds, and wiring harness before tuning the engine. 

Though the aerodynamics sub-team has completed their designs for the wings, nosecone, and side pods over break, they are still engaged in design work to complete the under tray. However, they have also started on manufacturing some of their components, starting with their endplates of the rear and front wings. This weekend, they were also designing foam molds that will be used to create various aerodynamic components of the car.  

This semester Longhorn Racing is focused on manufacturing all parts in order to be prepared to start building as soon as possible.  Since the team manufactures most parts in-house, it is key that this process is started early and carried out efficiently. This weekend, the machine shop was a bustling hub of activity, with several people employed on various different tasks, such as manufacturing bearing holders, cone spacers, and uprights for the car. With tight internal deadlines to meet to allow time for testing, Longhorn Racing will be working on all gears to crank out as many parts as they can for the coming few weeks of the spring semester.