Weekend Roundup

Longhorn Racing escaped the stresses of finals by setting to work in the garage on Saturday morning. Things kicked off bright and early with more maintenance on the 2015 car. The big task of the day was reconnecting the radiators on each side of the car. The piping needed to be threaded between the radiators directly behind the seat to prevent it from getting too hot.

Meanwhile, the 2016 car has really begun to take shape! Most of the front and mid section of the frame of the car has been welded together and the rear box is starting to take shape. By the end of the year, all of the suspension points will be ready to go and we will be ready to start building off of it very soon. The engine sub-team has been working to tune the engine dynamometer with more information gathering and continue to gather baseline measurements of the engine. This weekend, that involved adding strain gauges to the dynamometer in order to get the torque measurements of the engine. In the machine shop, the team was working on manufacturing various parts for both the 2015 and 2016 cars, including but not limited bearing holders.

Outside of the garage, Longhorn Racing has been keeping busy, too! Longhorn Racing’s parent organization, UT Austin’s chapter of SAE, held a dodgeball social last Friday to celebrate the end of the semester. On Tuesday, they'll also be hosting a General Meeting with Longhorn Racing's corporate partner COBB Tuning to offer students a chance to gain more information about their company, what engineers do at COBB Tuning, and the opportunities available for students seeking internships and full time employment.

This weekend marks our last official workday for the year! While members of Longhorn Racing will still come in to work on the car over winter break, we won't formally reconvene until 2016. We're looking forward to bringing in the New Year with a successful car, but until then, we'd like to wish all of you a happy holiday season!