Weekend Roundup


Longhorn Racing started off the weekend bright and early with machine shop certifications on Saturday. This will enable members to use the mechanical engineering student machine shop at UT to manufacture components for our 2016 car. Now, a new batch of team members can gain more hands-on experience of manual machining and understand the basics of fabrication. Machining provides students with an opportunity to learn about what parts can be easily machined and what parts are not possible to fabricate in house. This becomes important as members move on to designing parts. The knowledge they gain from machining allows them to think about the design from a more holistic approach, considering numerous factors from inception to finish.

This weekend also marks the design phase reaching its end. Over the course of the week, each sub team put their finishing touches on the 2016 car design before bringing the components together. Sub-teams were hard at work over the weekend, making the last few measurements and consulting with other sub-teams, alumni, and senior leadership to iron out the final details and create a solid design.

We have also started making progress on the physical creation of the 2016 car! The frame is starting to take shape, with the front roll hoop being secured and the first few welds put in place. Additionally, everyone in the garage was rewarded by the engine firing up for the first time after a few weeks of issues with wiring and batteries.

Finally, after a successful event at Dell World, our 2015 car is back in the garage. Now that it's back, our next task is to get it back into running condition so that the team can start conducting tests to verify various simulation data and new designs. We have also started to restore the 2013 car. It has been stripped down and completely dismantled on Saturday, and is now ready to be worked on starting next weekend.


This weekend saw the return of Formula 1 to Mexico for the first time since 1982. Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg finished in first place from pole position, ahead of teammate Lewis Hamilton, who has already secured the World Driver's Championship. Despite a clash with Kimi Raikkonen, Valtteri Bottas of Williams Martini Racing finished third. Both Ferrari drivers suffered car failure, which meant Rosberg and Bottas overtook them in championship points this weekend for second and third position, respectively. The World Endurance Championship took place this weekend in Shanghai as well. The two Audi teams, which looked strong all weekend, suffered from the rain and a full course yellow in the final stage of the race. This meant that the two Porsche teams secured the top steps of the podium, with the #7 Audi managing third place.