Weekend Roundup

This weekend, design for the 2016 car was still underway, but now, the team is focusing on the finishing touches and making sure the designs work together in the car. A large part of the modifications from last year’s design is with regard to the frame, the aerodynamics package, and the drivetrain of the car. In addition to the torsional rigidity of the frame as a whole, this year we focused on redesigning the rear box to ensure that the forces experienced by the frame due to the differential would not affect the structural integrity or deform the rear part of the car. As for the aerodynamics, we are taking a closer look into the package working together as a whole and also maximizing the downforce created by our undertray. The drivetrain sub-team is working hard to incorporate inboard rear brakes and enhance the rigidity of the pillow blocks and the differential housing.

Like last weekend, the focal point of our manufacturing was continuing to weld the frame together. The engine also remains a big focal point for the team. The team was focused on calibrating the dynamometer, one of the older pieces of technology in the garage, and resolving issues that were detected last weekend.

Work is still being done on the 2015 car to achieve driveability. Throughout the week, the maintenance team had inserted the seat and attached the uprights. During this process the team found out the uprights were attached backwards on the car. Though it was a relatively simple fix for the team, it provided us with an opportunity to probe deeper into the design process to ensure that we'll be able to avoid similar problems with our 2016 car.

Finally, with the holidays coming up, Longhorn Racing felt it was important to take a moment to appreciate the hard work that the team has been putting in to create a successful car. We did this in the only way anyone should celebrate Thanksgiving: with a team-wide feast, the star of which was our very own deep-fried turkey!