Weekend Roundup

This weekend, a lot of the action in Longhorn Racing revolved around the deconstruction of the 2015 car, which needed to be stripped by Monday in order to get the frame powder coated for a showing at the Dell Center.  Nearly every subgroup was involved in the process, labeling the parts they'll be working with on the new car before taking things apart.

While helping the newer members of each subgroup get familiarized with the car and get hands-on practice taking apart the specific pieces they’ll be working with later, the deconstruction also played a role in the design of the 2016 car.  The suspension team was busy measuring the disassembled pieces in order to calculate the force on the bolts at the back of the car to ensure that the car will be strong enough to hold those forces.  Drivetrain, too, took the opportunity to start strategizing for next year by seeing what improvements could be made based on the 2015 model.

The engine team,was also involved in deconstructing the car, since they had encountered a problem: they don't have a readily available battery that is powerful enough to work with the current engine.  In the meantime, they turned their attention to finishing the wiring harness and calibrating the engine to the best of their ability.

Outside, the aerodynamics team was dedicated to creating the seat.  The initial prep work had been done last week, which involved priming a 3D printed mold for a seat that even the largest member of the team can fit inside.  That meant that this weekend, they could get right to work making one half of our two-part carbon fiber seat.

Meanwhile, the tubes that will become the frame for the 2016 car were cut this weekend at Athena Manufacturing so that welding can start as soon as possible, and the aerodynamics team was hard at work on the car design, which involved designing a nose cone and front wing mounting.

Overall, the weekend saw even more steps of progress toward the development of the 2016 car with the hope that the 2015 car will be cleaned up and ready to drive sometime in the next month.