Weekend Roundup


This weekend saw more progress being made on the 2015 car. Several members of Longhorn Racing stopped by the garage during the week to get ahead, so things kicked off right away on our workday. With the engine fully mounted to the car, the team was able to add the fuel tank, pump, and pressure gauge; the radiator; the steering rack; and the pedal assembly. As Saturday progressed, the team also mounted the A-arms and brake discs. Because the 2015 car has to be completed for the event at the Dell Center by this upcoming Saturday, much of the team was engaged in putting it back together.

Meanwhile, many of the leads were hard at work on the 2016 car, whose finer details are still in the works. A lot of calculations are currently underway, such as force distribution across the current design of the car. The aerodynamics sub team continued to iterate on their undertray and wing designs with the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations

The aerodynamics sub team has partnered with the Texas Advanced Computing Center to use Stampede, the 8th fastest supercomputer in the world, located at the J.J. Pickle research campus. By running their CFD program, ANSYS Fluent, on Stampede, Longhorn Racing will be able to run more simulations in a much shorter period of time than would be possible on a standard computer. This enables the team to have a faster and more efficient iterative design process, and we're looking forward to seeing how this aids in the development of a successful 2016 car.


This weekend, MotoGP saw several landmarks take place.  Yamaha took its 37th manufacturer's title after rider Jorge Lorenzo scored second place in the Australian GP, and Repsol Honda's rider Marc Marquez scored his 50th victory by passing Valentino Rossi on the penultimate lap and making up the final two places from Andrea Iannone and Lorenzo.  Less than a second separated the top four drivers.  In the DTM series, Mercedes driver Pascal Wehrlein became the youngest DTM champion at age 20 after surging up the grid from 13th position at the race in Hockenheim.