Weekend Roundup


This weekend saw Longhorn Racing reconstructing the 2015 car that had been taken apart last week.  With our frame powder coated by Enigma Coatings, it was time to clean up the rest of the parts, weigh them, and piece everything back together!  The first task was to place the engine back into the car before working through to the rest. 

Progress was being made on the 2016 car as well, both in terms of design and manufacturing.  All throughout the week, design discussions had been taking place within various sub-teams.  The drivetrain team has begun conceptualizing how they'd like to put the rear of the car together, and one of the key decisions made in their meeting was  regarding the brakes.  This year, they've decided to install outboard rear brakes.  The ergonomics team also started solidifying details of their design and has decided to operate the clutch by cable.  Finally, the aerodynamics team was in the process of designing the undertray of the car in hopes that manufacturing will be underway soon. 

The engine team was still plagued with the issues from last week trying to run the 2016 engine off of the stock ECM to get readings of the engine under OEM settings.  The engine team members were busy working on wiring diagrams and troubleshooting the cause. 

Finally, in between working on the 2015 car for the showing at the Dell Center and the design work for 2016, the first steps of  fabrication took place!  A few members of the team worked hard Saturday night to get the roll hoops bent into shape.  It was exciting to see the new car begin to take shape, and we’re all looking forward to getting back into the garage for another weekend of progress! 



After another race win at the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton secured the Constructor's Championship title for the Mercedes team. The rest of the podium was rounded out by Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari in second and Sergio Perez of Force India in third. Two races took place in Japan this weekend: MotoGP in Motegi and the World Endurance Championship in Fuji. After starting sixth on the grid, MotoGP rider Dani Pedrosa claimed his first victory since last August, overtaking Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo for the lead with less than eight laps remaining. A wet race in Fuji didn't stop the Porsche LMP1 team to secure a 1-2 finish in the World Endurance Championship, with the Audi No. 7 finishing off the podium in third.