Our Cars over the years

Featuring a small sample of our cars that we have built since 1981.

Longhorn Racing 2015

For our 2015 race car, we returned to our roots by taking inspiration from our top 10 finish in 2011. Our new 2015 design iterated off a strong basis and incorporated a new 4-cylinder engine (CBR 600RR) and a full aerodynamic package, amongst many other improvements. 



Longhorn Racing 2013

Our 2013 race car featured the same single cylinder engine as 2012 in a naturally aspirated configuration. The loss in power was compensated by a significantly lower weight and an improved aero package.


Longhorn Racing 2012


Our 2012 car featured a light single cylinder engine with a student-designed turbocharger system. This car put up impressive numbers on the dyno and gave a solid performance at the 2012 FSAE West competition.

Longhorn Racing 2011

Placed 8th in competition at FSAE West in 2011. Based on a 4 cylinder Honda F4i engine, this car handles and accelerates very well. 


2010 was built on the tried-and-true Honda F4i engine platform and was the last car the UT took to the FSAE Michigan competition. It was very reliable, and was driven for years after its competition.